Miss Mary

42 and counting

JAMMED day.   Daisy and I dropped the son at the Crystal Lake train station for his last test in Law School – woo hoo.  Stopped to pick up an Einsteins coffee – love the vanilla hazelnut coffee – there’s no sugar in the making of the coffee.  Daisy waited patiently for me because we were headed to Dippin Doggies for her grooming appointment.

Next, Fitness 19 with a 30 minute elliptical cardio, Butt Challenge except I can’t do the lunges. Therefore, with a 20 pound bar I did very small squats – can’t bend the knees too far.   Moved on to back exercises  –  I used a 20 pound bar for both of these exercises lift over head & the bent over row.  Using a  25 pound plate weight (adjust to your level)  lift it over head, then left, back to center then right.  This last exercise, I have to say, is my VERY favorite exercise because it makes my back feel so good.

Picked Daisy up, showered, interviewed students who attended the 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates (interview to be up next week), picked up more flowers for the garden, quick stop at the grocery store, home to garden, picked up son at train, picked up dinner.  By days end it’s the recliner for me.

It was really nice to be in the high school again.  I haven’t been there in some time.  I saw a lot of friendly faces and caught up with a few people that happened to be in the same area I was in.  I’m so impressed with the fact they knew I was coming and why.   I can’t wait to write up the interview.  These kids are fantastic.

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