43 Days and Counting

Yep, yesterday started the march to a better core, stronger upper legs, and upper body strength. What’s the rush?  My knees will be replaced on June 26th. I should be bionic after that.

Fitness 19 is my gym.  So glad it’s here.  Not kidding.

I started out with 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical with this playlist.   I skipped through two songs as I just wasn’t feeling the slow love.

Next, I’ve been following Skinny Ms. on Facebook and just love her exercise routines.  Plus I have a cadre of exercises my trainer, Shawn, taught me.

After wiping off the elliptical it’s on to triceps/biceps work.  I used 12.5 lb free weights.  That weight is good for me because I’ve worked up to it.  If you have not used free weights before start much lower like 5 pounds.  When I watch the videos I write everything down so I don’t forget plus I watch the video shortly before I leave for the gym.  That’s a good work out.

In between sets I did seated leg extensions, twenty at a time.  By the third round you feel like you’ve been doing these forever.

Next I did the 2 minute drill that lasted about 15 minutes on abs.  Can’t get that spider monkey core thing quite right.  I can’t balance the left side of my body to touch my right leg.  I’ll get there.  If I were to improve the video I would have the demonstrator show us how to do the alternate exercise – they just tell you.  No bueno.   If you watch it, you’ll know what I mean.   Your abs should talk to you a day later, not in a pain sort of way, but in a “these are your muscles” talking to you way.

Skinny put up a seven day ab challenge.  I have to read through what’s involved.  She’s really good at putting all the exercises out there in video format.

Today it’s cardio, back and glutes.  Not to mention gardening.

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