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Does this fabric speak to you?

From the first time I saw the Riley Blake fabric I knew we were meant to be together. Yes, this momentary lust for contemporary zigzags was over powering. I first had to FIND it!

Of course the Material Girl would carry some of it along with coordinating fabrics, right? They had three chevron fabrics with no coordinating fabrics. We searched the store to find something that would complement them. We ended up with acceptable matches.  Those ladies are so helpful to people like me who don’t like to hunt for stuff.  The fabric yearning beast has been fed.  All’s right with the world. Now what?

A linear fabric can be sewn several ways.  It’s yours to imagine.  But what’s the beauty of the fabric if you can’t showcase its uniqueness, in this case chevrons, by providing the typical horizontal or vertical placement in your pattern?

That’s when the fabric starts to talk to you.

Fabric:  “Boring!  None of your patterns work here.”

Me:  “Oh don’t tell me that.”

Fabric:  “You can’t even use the outside pocket.  You’ll interrupt my ultimate prettiness.”

Me:  “Up or down?  Coordinating on the bottom?  Maybe the middle?  What about the blocking pattern – that won’t work either.”

Fabric:  “See what fabric lust will do to you.  Make you crazy.”

Me:  “I have to do math.”

Head is now lowered.  I pull out paper and pencil, jot down dimensions and add up fractions.  Visual positioning, pattern created, adjustments while sewing and voila!- new tote.  My signature outside pocket is missing and I feel a little of myself left on the design table all because of fabric chat.

To those of us that sew, it’s like Harry Potter’s hidden language “parceltongue”.  In the end, my friend loved it.  It’s a beach or pool tote.  I loaded it with a beach towel, chips, water bottle, magazine, suntan lotion (spf 30) and flip flops.  It’s fun.  Now I need to make a few more.

2 thoughts on “Does this fabric speak to you?

  1. I am the lucky owner of this beach tote and a very lucky girl to cal Mary my BFF!
    Love my BD gift Mary and Love you too!


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