Miss Mary

Keeping it fresh

Thought I was going to lose my mind the other day with older songs when there’s such a cache of new work out there to keep me moving on the elliptical.

I visited a few sites that had playlists and none of them really incentivized me at those critical moments when you need motivation to not lose focus, because let’s face it – unless we love being bored out of our minds you need music to keep you pumping to get 400 calories extracted out of your system.  Agreed?

I’m a Maroon 5 fan but not an “f” fan.  So please excuse the profanity in the first song.  You’d think they could take the #@$% out of the song.

Exactly 43.6 minutes.  You can skip through one or more to get to 35 minutes.

UPDATE:  ADDITION  Bourne Vivaldi    The Piano Guys (just heard this at 1:30am and knew  it would be a good first song to get you movin on that train)

Payphone   Maroon 5    (start the elliptical at level 10)

Burn it Down   Linkin Park (the first part of the song is slow but the push is coming)

I’m not Dead   Pink (heart my girl)

Not Myself Tonight    Christina  – always a little racey

Wild Ones   Flo Rida

Fighter   Christina – did you see her do this on The Voice on Monday a week ago?

Bad Influence   Pink  (confession time, I sing to this one)

Rain Over Me    Pitbull  –  (crank your elliptical to 15)

We are Young    Fun    (come back down to level 10)

Everybody Talks   Neon Trees (love the lead singer – seat dancing on this )  ALERT:  you can’t get “It started with a whisper…”  out of your head for a few days.

Drive By    Train   (You’ll be jamming on this one…)

Chasing the Sun   The Wanted   (this’ll give you the last push to get finished and get those last 40 calories clocked)

So this should do till the next time.  If you have besties, send ’em my way.  I’m always looking to keep it fresh.

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