Miss Mary

Field Trip – The Haute Spot

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Yesterday was an incredibly busy day. I promised my daughter I’d make cookies for the Haute employees praying the frosting would dry before I packed them! My husband dropped me off to catch the 3pm train with everything overflowing in my arms while I guarded the cookies from “falling”. The conductor offered to assist me with the cookies at any time during the trip. Arrived on time but spent time waiting for my daughter to pick me up. It was much cooler in the Windy City – hence the name. She arrived at 4:45pm which was on her way home from The Haute Spot.

This morning it was take-mom-to-work day at the Haute Spot. It’s a fabulous wonderful fashion mecca in the luxury consignment world. It’s tucked away by the Chicago River overlooking, of all things, a quarry. You can see the Merchandise Mart out of the windows.  The entry way is striking with white furniture against exposed brick.  The building has been refurbished with every suite designed in contemporary settings – glass blocked rounded walls, exposed brick walls, lovely wood floors, and landscaping in small places to make it so attractive.

The ladies that work here are dedicated fashionistas. Each and every one looks the part of the fashion world. Their personalities just beam through in all that they do. They take their work very seriously making sure those who want to purchase luxury consignment high-end clothing are getting the very best.

I’ve never really touched a Hermes handbag until today. There are designer dresses, handbags, shoes, blouses, pants, jackets and coats to purchase. There’s a quality process for everything to ensure the very best. There’s a blog that you can follow.

The owner, Karna Johnson – she’s the lovely lady in the white dress in the slide show, has done an amazing job with her entrepreneurial idea.  She caters to her elite clients helping them to handle their fashion surplus.

I really enjoyed meeting the staff at The Haute Spot.  Very proud of my daughter and her work too.

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