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Fashion RE-fashion: Meet Beth Huntington

Move over Project Runway because Beth Huntington of Chic Developments has a passion for “re-fashion” and she’s going to inspire others to do just the same.

I ran across Beth’s blog about two weeks ago and was just AMAZED at what she has been able to do with clothing DE-construction and RE-construction. 

As a person who sews, reconstruction is NOT my favorite thing to do.  Beth, however, has taken her passion to design current day trends from garment finds.   One of my favorites was her sweater remake.  WOW.    (Don’t know if you’ve watched Fashion Star but there is a designer whose specialty is reconstruction.)

This year I’ve been asking people if I could “feature” them as quest bloggers.  Beth said I could pick one of her postings.  I love her most recent posting because I saw a similar design top in a different flowing fabric yesterday on a co-worker.  The top she made from a man’s dress shirt for a woman is ON TREND, in style and dead on with the color gray.  Not to mention just darn cute.  Her inspiration to create this top came from Let’s Get Thrifty.

Beth has been a Kindergarten teacher for 22 years.  Did I ever mention I love teachers?  Yep I do.  Her creative side for design and writing is coming out in full force due to the magic of the internet. 

If you check Beth’s ABOUT page you’ll get a glimpse of her hubby as an oil driller way back in the day.  She loves barbeque potato chips.  When she grows up she wants to be a photo fashion stylist or a graphic designer.  Beth is incredibly interesting as she embraces her loves.

She’ll be one of your “favorites”.

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