Farmers Wife March Blocks Finished, whew

Under a time limit really makes you commit to getting the job done. (Rows 1 and 2 are February, Rows 3 and 4 are March, Row 4 extra I made in January) You don’t want to disappoint your fellow quilters who are from ALL over the world as we follow along with Donna at Brynwood Needleworks.  (ALL over the world – who gets to do THAT!)

Two of the last three were challenging.  A lot of seams in the back to press, squaring up and getting the points to POINT!. According to the book to make what I want to make I’d have to make the entire book of blocks plus some. (((really)))

I have a few favorites in this batch. ( Row 3, #’s 3, & 5; Row 4, #1 and 5.)  They were easy to do. Every time I work on these I keep thinking of my good friend Pat who’s encouraging me to do more. Her quilting is simply gorgeous.  It’s art.  She always talks about precise points.

Quilting is a process which is time consuming but creative.  Now just think of those who did not have sewing machines and quilted by hand.  They also did not have rotary cutters, cutting boards or all the luxuries of today. They had to plan to purchase fabric. I don’t think they had a quilt store close by. Plus, what were the costs of fabrics back then?

I’ve been reading a wonderful Civil War Quilting blog by Barbara Bachman and she discusses what these ladies did to make quilts. Barbara is an historical writer. Her work tells the story of the time. It’s really beautiful. You can make a block very Saturday, as they did last year, and you come out with 53 blocks. The quilts are amazing and for history buffs, it’s really a treasure. You should visit her site. You’ll be just amazed at the amount of research she has done to create this work of art. It’ll be a book soon. She shows you the cover.

My fellow quilters are on flicker. Just click the link on Donna’s site and you’ll get there.

My next adventure – a Miss Mary for the Bloomin Bunco charity event. Register to help out the Algonquin Lake in the Hills Interfaith Food Pantry and have a great time. Be sure to check back to see the progress of the tote. You’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors.

Book: The Farmer’s Wife author Laurie Aaron Hird.

Fabric: I chose a layer cake of French General Masion de Garance. (I’m using 2 layer cakes so far and have plenty left – I only used one out of the second.)

Thread: Grey – Coats and Clarks 450 – buy lots.

2 thoughts on “Farmers Wife March Blocks Finished, whew

    1. Thank you Wendy. They certainly take a lot of time. Using a layer cake has made the color choices much easier. My friend Pat is using her Civil War fabrics and they’re outstanding. This month we have to do 20 and I haven’t started as “life” gets in the way. Ten is doable, but 20 is herculian for me.


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