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Spring refresh and be wary of “Very Best”

The dining room hasn’t been painted in YEARS.  It’s getting a new look called Revere Pewter.  Liking the color so far.  It’s a gray.  Hubby was very busy all day taping, cutting in, rolling and then repeat.

As dinner was approaching I wanted to try a different meatloaf recipe.  Well, be wary when it says “Very Best”_________ fill in the blank.   Not always so.  I found it via Pinterest.  It’s not the very best – far from it.What would I do different?  Well, use my old Betty Crocker cookbook recipe for starters OR make a barbeque meatloaf. 

Actually, the recipe did not, other than thyme, have any distinguishable flavor – and that’s after using veal, beef and pork, the 3 cloves of garlic, 1 ½ cups sautéed onions, and a few other things.  I even made my own bread crumbs.

I’ll provide the pictures, but they’re deceiving.    The one good thing that I took away from this was roasting it on a rack in the oven.  Foil the pan, use a rack and roast for an hour.  Don’t forget pamming the rack.

2 thoughts on “Spring refresh and be wary of “Very Best”

    1. Thanks Deanne. Sal really likes it too. It’s a very different color for us but it goes so well with the living room and the other colors I’ve picked out for the family/kitchen and the foyer. Now to find art work for the one wall. I have somehthing in my mind that I saw on an NBC Christmas video with the Today Show folks when they were at Martha Stewarts home. In her dining room were two metal frames with matting and some type of greenary. But will be open to others. Enjoying your DIY blog!


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