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Farmers Wife QAL, omg

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I say “omg” in the smallest sense as in “what have I committed to?”  I do enjoy the after-glow of a block well done, but the process of seam ripping, measuring, color matching….it’s a load.

I found I needed a tool of sorts to help me keep things in order. Last year, Lori Holt from Bee in my Bonnet, created these mini design boards that are useful for people like me.  I forget to keep the pieces in the correct order.   I did NOT, however, get as fancy as she in creating the lovely boarder on the design board.  Lori designs fun fabric.  She too went through making a Farmer’s Wife with her material.

I also realized I needed a big design board to pin my completed blocks on to get them up and out of the way of the cutting board. Think of the consequences – devastating right?  I first saw a design board at Quilt in Joy  last year when I took a beginner quilting class.  Because of my frustration of the blocks laying on the cutting board I searched for a do-it-yourself  for creating a design board.  I found it here on Elizabeth Hartman’s OhFransson.com site.

The hours it takes to pick colors, cut, layout, piece, measure, seam rip is definitely NOT the sexy part.  The best part is the finished block.  You have your points pointing, your measurements are correct (after ripping and re-sewing), the block is esthetically pleasing allowing you to step back to appreciate what it took to create the block.

The blocks come from the book the Farmer’s Wife.  The blocks for February are in order from left to right:  9 Box, 16 Calico puzzle (doesn’t it look like a union jack?), 21 Contrary Wife, 23 Country farm (FAV), 41 Friendship Star (another FAV), 69 Practical Orchard, 70 Prairie Queen – tough one, 72 Railroad, 81 Snow Ball (easy!)  and 84 Spool (FAV again) are completed (along with a few others) and laid out on my big board.

We have our marching orders for March already.  I actually have a few of those completed.

Please join us via Brynwood Needleworks guided by Donna.

Fabric:  French General, Maison de Garance, layer cake.

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