Miss Mary

Progressive Dinner phase two, salad course.

Progressive Dinner Stop Two – Salad Course

Second stop was at the home of Doug and Cathi Bork.  Phil and Dawn Heil actually made the food and Cathi had the room to spare.  Some of us have a passion and talent for creating a beautiful environment to have friends gather in and Cathi does just that.  Her home is really lovely.  Doug was our sommelier for this stop of the journey.   His wine pairings for this course are listed below.

One of Dawn’s favorite memories was going to the Blackhawk Restaurant where they made your salad at your table.  She demonstrated for all of us how to create this delicious salad.  I’m including her email to me with the exact verbiage she used that evening and what’s in red are the notes you should use.  The salad was excellent.


Blackhawk Spinning Salad- Since 1952, servers have been pouring dressing over a whirling bowl of greens and reciting:

This is our famous Blackhawk spinning salad bowl consisting of 21 ingredients, including a variety of fresh pulled greens (handful of a combination of iceberg, romaine, and endive/chicory for each serving).

First we spin the bowl and apply the basic dressing (1 oz. Blackhawk dressing at Jewel in Algonquin per serving).  

Next we add a bit of special seasoning (seasoning salt to taste but this can be omitted since if you use anchovies…it gets pretty salty), and then some chopped egg (1 heaping teaspoon or more if you like more per serving).

We mix the salad a total of six times only, very gently, three now and three times later in order not to bruise the tender greens.

Next we add some freshly ground pepper (to taste) and our special blue cheese dressing (2/3 cream cheese to 1/3 blue cheese softened in water—1 heaping teaspoon per serving—I added more).

We now mix the salad three more times and serve — topped with anchovies or salad shrimp.


The dinner rolls were freshly baked.  They are called Rhodes Frozen rolls.  She picked a multi grain and a typical white dinner roll.  They’re placed on a large baking pan, frozen, and allowed to raise for 5 to 6 hours then bake.  FYI, they’re OUTSTANDING in my humble opinion.

The wine pairings for dinner:   2010 Masira Gavi2009 CMS Columbia Variety2009 Frei Brothers Merlot


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