Miss Mary

FW Making Space et. al.

Space and lack of it makes for a difficult work space so you have to do as my mom use to say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Well she is absolutely correct. I needed to get the finished squares off of my work space and up where I could see them. While this design wall is NOT the best, it’ll due for now. I patterned it off of this one which looks great.

I sent the hubby out for foam board insulation at Home Depot because I was teaching someone to ice cookies.  He knew what to purchase.   It only comes in certain lengths and widths BECAUSE it is insulation – meaning it fits between wood studs in walls.   My white flannel was 42” x 42” so he had them cut the length of foam in half.  Getting it home was a challenge because it did not fit in his trunk – he made it fit.  I’ll just stop there.

Over the weekend I finished the board.  I like the idea of the design board because you can see how best to layout the blocks.  I’ve moved into a different space in the basement for my work room.  Unfortunately I put a 3 inch cut into the felted top of our pool table which forced me to have it re-felted.  $$$$   (not allowed to cut on pool table now)

I did however, finish off 2 of the QAL blocks.  Had sizing issues with #16.  Not really happy with how it turned out.  Need to re-think that a bit.  Love working on these.

Working on the next one, #23 trying to match colors.

FYI, it’s gorgeous in Algonquin, Illinois today.  Finally, we are closer to SPRING!

Just as an aside, I’m watching The Voice.  If you’re watching the VOICE, here is my favorite man.  His name, Chris Mann.  The competion this year is SO MUCH BETTER.  Chris’s stage presence along with his voice just draw you in to want him to sing more.  I believe his only competition, Tony Vincent, just showed up this week.  I’m rooting for you Chris!  See his audition here.

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