REALLY? #!@%

Lesson learned, or not.

Each day I pretty much prepare to go to the gym weather I do or not.  So it’s usually Old Navy yoga pants, Old Navy scooped neck tee shirt and a Nike zip up. Why do I say this?  Well I had an emergency need for a hair appointment for a cut and color.  YES, that’s an emergency.  “Can you come now,” the receptionist asked?  Of course I can and off I went for a cut and color. 

Now mind you, if you’re ready for the gym and you’re a female, you are wearing a sports bra which is not ideal when trying clothing on, but what the heck.  So, on my way home I thought I’d stop in a few stores looking for a new top.  Taking into consideration the foundations I was wearing you have to mentally adjust what it would really look like.

I have to say I’m not a fashionista nor do I know the “finer” points of sales in women’s clothing.  I took the lovely little black and white polka dot top off the hanger and it had a cami under it that didn’t go with the top.  I didn’t like the top and brought it back on the floor to the sales woman indicating there had been a cami under the garment.  “Oh, that’s a body shaper that I provided for you,” she said. 

My stare must have gone to her soul.  As a woman who is striving to lose weight, who works out, who watches all carbohydrates with an evil eye, it’s really disconcerting when sales people make a silent suggestion that you need it.  OR maybe I don’t wear spanks/body shaper cami’s and it is customary in this establishment to do those things.  DIDN’T go over well, just saying.   In fact it probably was THE most deflating comment I’ve experienced in a few weeks.

Would they offer it to Adele, Jennifer Hudson, or Kelly Clarkson?  I did purchase a top.  It is the VERY first garment that I could EVER purchase there because I can fit into XLs now.  Love my little bag, but I’m pissed.  I’ll probably return it and keep the bag.

So need to turn this around and make it a positive to make me work harder, I guess.  Sigh. Eff.  Actually I want Adele’s dress.

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