Be the Touchdown Hottie

Here’s a few favorites for GAME DAY for the busy attendee GOING to the party        

It’s always nice to be going to the Super Bowl Party.  Some brave woman has decided to prep her home for the onslaught of middle-aged men and their wives to hoot ‘n holler over one team or the other. 

These soirées are always fun.  What’s more fun is the outstanding choices for food that day.  I raised my hand to bring sugar cookies.  I can make those ahead and it makes quite a few.  After a few brews everyone sort of forgets they’ve made a pledge to a better lifestyle. 

Two favorite appetizers that I have online that you may wish to consider are the Italian Antipasti Platter or Wings.  Each is incredibly easy to make.  There is little to no prep work AND you’ll be crowned the touchdown hottie at the party.    

Have fun.

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