Miss Mary

Cardio playlist if you’re looking for ideas

Looking for a playlist to keep you on the elliptical for 35 minutes?  There’s a few times that I about dance off the elliptical to some of these.  Rumor Has It helps you with a break in the middle incase Edge of Glory or Not Myself Tonight gets your heart rate up over the target levels.  How Do You Like Me Now gives you a little, “HEY” I’m not a slug but on this thing for the next 35 minutes.  What Doesn’t Kill You is just a really good song to give you that determination to get through to the end.  And Resuscitate Me speaks for itself.  Of course no firemen carrying you out, just you all sweaty and done.

Here are a few suggestions:

Song                                                      Artist

How Do Like Me Now                          Heavy

What Doesn’t Kill You                         Kelly Clarkson

Not Myself Tonight (explicit)            Christina Aguilara

The Edge of Glory                                Lady Gaga

Fighter                                                   Christina Aguilara

Rumor Has It                                       Adele

Born This Way                                    Lady Gaga

Bad Romance                                      Lady Gaga

Resuscitate Me                                   September

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