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Farmer’s Wife #2

Please join us via Brynwood Needleworks guided by Donna.

Fabric:  French General, Maison de Garance, layer cake.

Farmers Wife Book:  Amazon

Step by step.

#1.  Choose the colors.

#2.  Play with the colors, as bet you can, with the pattern.

#3.  Cut out the pieces and see if the center colors are what you want.

#4. Sew each block and line ’em up.  They have to be six inches.  By measuring each half to make sure it’s 6 inches helps a lot in determining the problem area.

#5 Ooops, do over, didn’t line up properly.  Not a perfect square.  Good ‘ol seam ripper.   (((grumble, grumble)))

#6.  Done, done, done, done!

One thought on “Farmer’s Wife #2

  1. Love your block! It’s beautiful!!!
    I got your recent blog comment. Thanks so much. I also have the full set of templates in one pdf file that I’ve been sending out to QAL members who request it. (no charge)

    I’ve sent out two informative QAL group emails so far, but I don’t have your email address to include you. Please send me an email to dliljegren (at) brynwoodneedleworks (dot) com so I can send those emails to you separately and then add you to the group messages. (Of course, you put the @ sign where I typed (at), and the . where I typed (dot).

    Looking forward to hearing back from you so you don’t miss any pertinent information.
    Happy Sunday!


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