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The Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along


Watching the quiltalongs (QAL) last year for the Farmer’s Wife really made me want to do it but by the time I figured out what everyone was discussing, it was way too late.   I did purchase the book but became overwhelmed when I first opened it.  There weren’t any fabric recommendations, yardage recommendations for the square, OMG it had to be 6 inches square – breathe, and how long would it be to finish this gorgeous quilt.

Donna Liljegren, blogress of Brynwood Needleworks which is one of my favorite sites – especially for her adventures of Tag her Corgi, is gathering ladies to do a Farmer’s Wife QAL.  She mentioned this a while back which gave me enough time to think about the challenge and extend my sewing skills.  I said yes and we will be starting the first of February.  Fabric selection is also not my strong suit.  I depend on Moda or others to do large groupings of like type fabric to help me out.

Back when I was reading about those who were already sewing the blocks – so many were gorgeous – there were tips on the patterns.  One of those tips was to LAMINATE the pattern sheets and cut them out.  No kidding!  I purchased the laminate sheets which were on sale at Joann Fabrics yesterday– lucky me.  I laminated only on one side and cut out several pieces.  I’m placing them in an envelope so I don’t lose them.

Today, I wanted to try my hand at one block – not trying to jump the gun but trying to get over my anxiety of this project.  WELL, let me tell you, getting everything square to six inches will take me all month long.  What I thought was a quarter inch, harrumph.   Not so much.  That’s what a seam ripper is for, right?

What am I using?

Book:  The Farmer’s Wife author Laurie Aaron Hird.

Fabric:  I chose a layer cake of French General Masion de Garance.  I think I’ll need to order one or two more – not sure how much I’ll need.  I like to be told what I’ll need.  I’m not a guesser.

Thread:  Grey – Coats and Clarks 450

Corrections:  Just incase anyone wants to start, one should look at any corrections there may be.  Visit here for that information.  http://www.thefarmerswifequilt.com/Tips–Helps—Corrections.html

Storing the pattern pieces:  http://www.pleasant-home.com/2011/07/farmers-wife-sampler-quilt-along.html

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