Miss Mary

Product Review Roll’Pat

I’m all about the mess.  Can’t stand clutter or my counters being sieged by what I’m making – such as cookies.   Years ago I found this handy little tool that has been a miracle in my kitchen.  It’s called a Roll’ Pat.  You’ll love it too because it is 25 1/4″ x 17 1/2″.   That’s a huge chunk of my counter top.

I bake a LOT of cookies.  They’re gifts, or for charity, openings, showers (all kinds), birthday parties, or for friends.  They’re sugar cookies.  You have to roll them out.  I found this little beauty in William Sonoma and it’s called a Roll’ Pat.  It’s a nonskid pad that will not budge when you roll out dough.  Most importantly it makes cutting the cookies and clean up a breeze!  You still have to use flour on the Roll’ Pat.

I put a dish cloth underneath the Roll’ Pat.  Not to keep it from moving but to catch more of the flour.  My counter top is black granite and you SEE everything.  The mess just makes one a little unnerved with flour all over the black granite. 

A wonderful shower gift would be a cookie baking gift of a Roll’ Pat, a flat no sides cookie sheet, cookie cutters, a large flat metal spatula to remove the cookies from the cookie sheet, dry measuring cups and spoons, a cookie drying rack, gel food colors, some sprinkles, and my cookie recipe.  (Is there a gift basket big enough for all this?) Just worth getting married, eh?  A WS apron would be helpful too.  I’m a mess when I’m done.

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