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What’s for Dinner: Shrimp Stir Fry

Remember, my fridge/freezer problem? I forgot I had frozen brown rice from Costco in there along with the too many bags of frozen shrimp.  I needed a plan for dinner after the gym and these two ingredients helped me to decide.  You mix those with sliced carrots, baby bok choy, celery, snap peas and broccoli and you have dinner in a snap.

The rice you warm up in the microwave and set aside.  (I understand that Trader Joes has frozen brown rice that is popular.)   To the stir fry pan you add vegetable oil, a little sesame oil to taste, and garlic.  Let that flavor up then add all your veggies.  Stir fry for about five minutes then add the shrimp.  At the same time add a low sodium soy sauce and a FEW red pepper flakes.  It literally takes 3 to 4 minutes till all is warmed up and ready to serve with the brown rice.

I cut up the veggies before we went to the gym which mades it so easy to come home and be ready to make dinner.  It’s a plan.

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