Inspire · Miss Mary

Finding your shield of strength.

We all need to be inspired.  We all need to find our own ways in which we become inspired.  Back in 1995 The book The Wisdom of John Paul II was published.  I always felt Pope John Paul II was a holy man who had great spiritual wisdom; you could see God’s love in his whole being.  His exceptional writings will give most everyone the heart of a lion when you have an unbelievable task to accomplish.

Throughout my life when I worked on issues that had to do with children I HAD to turn to my faith to give me the shield of strength to stand my ground to protect those who could not protect themselves.  It is not an easy task.  In times such as those there was one passage in this book that just gave me air to breathe.  It helped me to understand that we are all born with the right to dignity. 

“In the materialistic perspective inter-personal relations are seriously impoverished.  The first to be harmed are women, children, the sick or suffering, and the elderly.  The criterion of personal dignity – which demands respect, generosity and service – is replaced by the criterion of efficiency, functionality and usefulness:  others are considered not for what they “are,” but for what they “have, do and produce.”  This is the supremacy of the strong over the weak.”    Encyclical:  The Gospel of Life (Evangelium Vitae), 1995

When you reach a point that you know what you are doing is wrong but everyone is telling you it is right, reach out for guidance and inspiration.  You can’t always do it alone. 

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