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2012 Miss Marys

Another Miss Mary

I enjoy making totes for my friends for their birthdays.  I think a lot about the fabric and who they are and what they do.  The tote is tailored to their lifestyle and their personality.

This one is for Pam.  I’ve known Pam for a very long time.  We met through PTO way back in the day.  Her youngest is a year younger than my son.  They played on sports teams together too.  She was ALWAYS there to help. 

Pam has a very important job.  She really enjoys life.  Probably the most grounded person I know.  And, she loves her friends.  She’s a wonderful cook and baker.  Enjoys challenges in personal learning (new recipe or hobby).  Works hard at bringing family together.  What’s most amazing about her is her compassion towards others.  She has also instilled this in her kids – ok adult children.    

We took a quilting class together a year ago fall.  She and I have sewn all our lives.  We were blown away by the fact that in quilting you do NOT iron your seams open and by the way, quilting seams are ¼ inch not 5/8 inch.  Seriously!

3 thoughts on “2012 Miss Marys

  1. Miss Mary, each one of your bags reflects your talent, creativity and your thoughtful generous heart. As the grateful recipient of one of your fabulous totes, and an admire of others viewed, it is evident that much love is sewn into each inspiration!


  2. Your totes are wonderful. I enjoy making totes for my friends, too. I made all my teaching partners totes last Valentine’s Day. But that was before blogging, so I don’t have any pictures to share.


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