Miss Mary

Strong Women

There are several thoughts that run through your mind when you read Strong Women.  Is she thinking along the lines of intellectual and political strength such as Margaret Thatcher, or a cancer patient, or is she going to write about a female athlete.  It’s really about how to increase one’s state of health and that is through strength training.

In 2000 a wonderful book came out called Strong Women Say Young by Dr. Miriam Nelson from Tufts University. 

From their website:  “Strong Women Stay Young is Dr. Nelson’s first book based on research that she and her colleagues conducted on strength training and bone density. The study made worldwide news when the results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. After a year of strength training twice per week the participants in the study had less fat and more muscle; bone loss was prevented or reversed; their strength and energy increased dramatically; and they showed surprising gains in balance and flexibility. Strong Women Stay Young shows how women can achieve the same benefits at home, in a program tailored to her individual needs.”

Since then she has written much more, has a website, has a blog, and has come out with quite a series of programs across the United States.  She takes a very practical view of changing lifestyles.  They now have 2,600 program leaders across the US. 

Through Dr. Nelson’s research with weight training, even starting with 2 pound weights, makes a significant change in a woman’s bone density and strength in middle age to elder women. 

You never know, this may inspire you to make a lifestyle change.

FB:  http://www.facebook.com/StrongWomenwithMiriamNelson

Blog:  http://www.strongwomen.com/blog/

Website:  http://www.strongwomen.com/

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