Miss Mary

Meet Daisy

Last May we lost the little loves (Lady and Belle) in our lives within five days of each other.  It was heartbreaking and took months to get over.  My husband and I took a break from a dog in the house but everyone that entered commented on how different it was, even the appliance repair person, to not see or hear Lady and Belle.

I started the search for a female Schnauzer back in August.   My adult kids and friends told me to check out rescues.  I used Petfinder.com  and emailed and called several organizations.  Let me tell you, some are not in the business of helping you get a dog, they’re in the business of selling dogs.  I was very disappointed after so much hype. 

But I kept looking and found that Kane County Animal Shelter had a little Schnauzer.   I saw Daisy around the last week of October online.   I visited their facility a week before Thanksgiving and let me tell you – WHAT A WONDERFUL STAFF AND FACILITY.   Oh my gosh, I can’t say enough on how wonderful they are to the dogs and the community. 

I met Daisy and she was just FULL of life.  She was happy and healthy.  Very connected to her handlers.  Loved to see them all and visited the office staff often.  The second time I visited her it was a different story.  She was timid and felt backed into a corner without her handlers.  I had made up my mind that she was to be ours and put a hold on her till my husband could meet her the next day.  Daisy warmed up to my husband quickly and it was a done deal.

We’ve been very happy to have her in our family.  The children in the neighborhood have all brought her little gifts.  (It’s so cute!)  People fall in love with her almost instantly. 

When you’re looking for a dog don’t give up on the first try.  You can feel if it’s a fit or not.  Don’t settle for something that certainly will not work.  We’re very happy with Daisy and thank the staff at the Kane County Shelter for their love and care of the animals they’re in charge of for doing SUCH a great job.

2 thoughts on “Meet Daisy

  1. How wonderful for Miss Daisy! I know just how difficult it is to lose two dogs close together. This summer/early fall, I lost my Labrador, Kes and a Golden who was my dog but went to live with our son’s family, Kirby. I also lost Fezzik in April. Tag fills my heart in their absence and I’m sure Daisy will help you in that regard, too.

    So glad you’re going to be joining my Farmer’s Wife QAL! I’ve added your name to the link and hope you’re as anxious to start as I am!



  2. PS. I received your message through my blog as a “no comment” blogger. Please send me another message with your email address, as I will be sending group emails from time to time as we progress through the QAL.


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