Miss Mary

Urgent We Need Your Help

The attached PDF is an information sheet to help you better understand what our school district is up against.  It’s the renewal of the Hoffman Estates run Sears Economic Development Area (tif), but not really a tif as its POWERS are far more reaching.

Summary Sheet – Updated October 1 2011

Watch the visit to the Hoffman Estates made by Supertintendent Bregy and District 300 parents and students here.

Who has skin in the game here?

Sears has threatened the State to make a business decision to leave the State if the Hoffman Estates EDA is not extended.  Their approximate tax portion to District 300 is $14 million.  They pay their CEO $7 million.

Hoffman Estates administers the EDA with no compliance or oversite.  They use the money for infrastructure which quite frankly has already been built and should now be maintained by their own portion of the property taxes or sales tax.  They robbing D300 taxpayers to fund their obligation, and the State is letting them do it.

Other companies within the EDA.  Sears Centre which has been newly acquired by Hoffman Estates and is now a public entity.  And 2 fire stations.  District 300 has 27 schools that our taxpayers must support.

As an aside:

School District 54 and High School District 211 serve Hoffman Estates.  Do you think that if they were losing their portion of property tax forgiveness that the trusees could even step outside their homes without seeing  a parent or student whom this didn’t affect.  By PROXIMITY it is much easier decision to make because they do not bear the burden of having to release 363 educators due to lack of funds which D300 did last Spring.  The teachers union came forward and gave up salaries and benefits to help bring back some of the teachers whom had already found other jobs.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please sign the petition and make a call to those decision makers.  Also write a letter OR better yet call their district or State office to ANY ILLINOIS SENATOR within the State of Illinois and tell them your story and ask them to remove any and all references to the EDA extension in SB 540.

Tax dollars that should be going to students is being diverted to Hoffman Estates for their obligations as a municipality at the expense of HARD WORKING FAMILIES AND STUDENTS OF D300. 

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