Miss Mary

There’s an APP for that.

My brother-in-laws found an app for their 3g/4g phones that helped them count their calories and their exercise routines.  Each lost a significant amount of weight.   They each knew how many calories they had per day and stopped eating when they got to the number. 

Well, there are APPS for that.  Diabetic Living Magazine carried an article on the various types of resources available on your phones or online.

Let’s test drive a couple.

Loseit.com  Options:  free online or a free APP.  I loaded this on my IPAD and it worked well.  If it was on my phone, and most of you that have the phones you wouldn’t have a problem but  I would have a problem using it BUT the rest of the world would not.  It has an exercise component where it calculates the calories burned.  I have to tell you it is right on especially with the elliptical.    Very easy to look up what you’ve eaten for the day, you can make your “own” food categories, it saves all your stuff AND graphs your progress.  Seeing a visual of where you were to where you are now is the best motivation.

Myfitnesspal:   Options: free online or a free APP.   A nice feature is that it shows you in numbers what your goals will be for the week and day.   It has a water consumption reminder.    The exercise for the elliptical is off by about 100 calories.

The Daily Plate:  Options :  free online but $2.99 from the iphone store.    You can sync with your online.   It’s a little difficult to figure out at first.  I’m sure that you get the hang of it but from a “want to start this thing in a Nano second” it would stop me.

GoMeals.com   Options:  free APP strictly for your iphone, ipad, ipod touch, Android.  I like the ease of this one and the information it gives you per item you’ve eaten.  Example:  ½ cup cottage cheese is 5g carbs, 13g Protein, and 3g fat.  Plus, there’s a graph that shows if you’ve stayed within your %intake of appropriate carbs, protein or fat.  It’s not as intuitive to figure out how to get the food into the categories.  Just saying.

Last but not least, Weight Watchers has a wonderful program online that you can sync up to from anywhere.  It’s virtual and can be accessed from anywhere.  It’s expensive.  Last I looked, $40 a month but it has so much with it.

I found the LoseIt.com one to be the most helpful with ease of using it.  Others may like one of the others.  Check them out if you want to get serious about your lifestyle.

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