Miss Mary

Pet Peeve Leads to Costly / Timely Mistake

I’m venting 😦      My apologies.

Instructions and tagging quilt patterns need to improve when you purchase a kit. Kit costs are very expensive as fabric is very expensive. Many of the fabrics I use cost between $9.50 and $12.00 a yard.  In some cases you need 15 different colors – very expensive.

There are some of us who enjoy the task of piecing the top – take it from me it’s the challenge. We purchase KITS because we are BAD at picking out colors. (If you go into a fabric store you can be immediately overwhelmed at all the various gorgeous fabrics that unfold as you walk by them.)

I purchase kits as they take the guess work out of what fabric goes with what. Kits typically do not come tagged. So there’s some guess work. WELL, they need to be tagged. The kit I purchased cost $70.00. The fabric was not tagged indicating where it should be placed. I used the wrong fabric for the inner piecing that took me two days to complete.   As you can see the fabric on the right that is red and white, does NOT go well with the creams on the left.  Now, I have to re-piece with different fabric.  This happens to be a gift and now puts me back several days.

Just a word to the wise for retailers; $70 is A LOT of money – and so is $189.00 for an applique kit – Please tag your material with a label. That’s all I ask. It saves me money and makes you the hero as I will always purchase your kits because you’re providing the BEST customer service EVER.

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