Quick Appetizer – Antipasti Platter

I married into an Italian family who love, love, LOVE their Italian meats.   The Italian meat tray is a “special” appetizer but has become a trademark of our summer dinning or family gatherings.  My husband’s cousins came in from California and we had a family barbeque for them.  

To start the conversation off for the evening the Antipasti platter along with wine were served inside then out on the patio while hubby finished up the grilling.

The dinner menu was:

An Antipasti platter is of your choosing.  Our family enjoys the hotness of special Italian meats, a specific cheese, grapes, olives and figs.  What do you need?

To make the picture platter above I used:

  • 11 inch square platter
  • Small but tall bowl for the olives in the middle
  • 1 – ½ pound package of Stella Fontinella Cheese, sliced
  • ½ pound Margherita Hot Copicola, rolled
  • ½ pound Columbus Hot Supressata
  • ½ pound Margherita Slicing Pepperoni
  • 3 sticks Cacciatore sausage, skin removed and sliced
  • 1 package dried figs
  • ½ pound Calamata olives
  • Red grapes

Place the small bowl in the middle and add the olives.   This bowl acts as a wall to hold all the products on the plate.   Layer the meats and cheese around the bowl.   Sprinkle the figs around the bowl and then add the grape bundles.  You can make this in the early afternoon and cover with saran wrap till your guests arrive.

We served two wines that evening:  McWilliams Shiraz and my new bestie, Nero D’Avola by Cusumano.   It’s a light red served which chicken and absolutely delicious.  If you’re not a wine officianato, I recommend the Binny’s wine experts.  I have never been disappointed with anything they have assisted me with in pairing a meal to a wine.

Mangiare bene (Eat Well)


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