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A star quilt pattern that seems easier

My mother taught me to sew.  She was a very fine seamstress and could make anything out of anything.  She made her own bridal gown, others gowns, my clothing as a child and she could knit, crochet, and put in her own cupboards.  She was a remarkable woman.

We lived in Ottawa, Illinois when I was young where she had an interior design store front.  She was a divorced (you didn’t really do that in those days) single mother raising four children.   She made draperies, sold wall paper, and did all the work.   I remember going into her store using old wallpaper books making May baskets to give out to neighborhood kids back in the day. 

I sewed because I had to.  If I wanted something new I had to make it.  As my children grew up I made them beautiful clothing till they finally got a fashion style of their own.  If yo uknow my son, it’s plaid – I didn’t do that.  I hand tailored my son’s jackets.  I remember a black and white herring bone jacket I made him.  My daughter was the recipient of lots of dresses and one very special one that I have still which was a yellow dress with a peter pan collar and a spring coat to match.  The American Girl doll was a big deal when she was little and I use to make the doll a night gown and her girl friends night gowns that matched. 

Since that time, till a couple years ago, I put sewing on hold.  Now I’m back into making non-clothing things.  Totes, bags, table runners, quilting…that’s really all I can handle right now as I usually give the things away as gifts.

I have a pet peeve about sewing; patterns that are poorly written frustrate me because I’m using very expensive fabric AND I don’t want to make a mistake.  I think patterns should have 8 x 10 glossies with them or a You Tube link.

The pictures above come from a pattern I’m working on right now.  There is a technique to make “flying geese” quickly but the pattern has to be tied into your cutting instructions.  I had not used this techique before so it took some time getting used to.

The result is Fabulous and I’m covered in thread. 


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