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Team Mom and Pasta Parties

Pasta parties for sports teams starts as early as 6th grade junior football and swim teams.  The team parents usually put menus together and pass them down from season to season.   The month of October in our home was like RED October.  We had Volley Ball dinner then the 8th grade football dinner and it continued all the way through graduations.  This weekend my son is coming home for a night from law school and with his very tight schedule I thought it would be good for him to take sauce back with him to make quick dinners.

Years ago my mother-in-law showed me how to make her pasta sauce.  It was used constantly as my children were growing up.  I have the recipe here.  But, I didn’t show all the steps.  Below you’ll see the progression of steps.  Block out 2 1/2 hours to make this, not kidding.

1. Gather all your ingredients.  Here’s a must.  The tomato sauce and the tomato paste need to be the same brand so that you get an identical taste.  Two different brands and you’ll be asking yourself what’s wrong with this sauce.

2.  Make sure you use a castiron or heavy duty large pot with a LID.  It gets messy if you don’t keep a lid on it!  😀

3.  Pour your extra light virgin olive oil (1/4 cup) into the pan and brown the meat.  Use your lid to cover else it gets all over the stove.  (Hate that.)

4.  Measure all your spices and herbs into a small bowl.

5.  Really brown your meat as that’s what adds the flavor.

6.  Add the sauce and one can of water.  Add the paste and one can of wather (make sure you mix the paste thorougly).  Add your spices and herbs.  Blend well.

7.  Boil for 5 minutes.

8.  Then turn to simmer for 2 hours.

9.  Your sauce should be thick and saucey.

You can make this with any pasta, lasagna or stuffed shells.

Mangiere bene (Eat Well)

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