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Welcome Home Captain

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A local hero returns from Iraq a Captain to a crowd of well-wishers.  His humility is exactly as I remembered him as a young man.  He’s been through more than we’ll ever be able to comprehend in combat.  I love what he’s become, a man of distinction, honor and humility.  He asked us all to remember two of his men who lost their lives with a moment of silence.  After all he’s been through he was moved by the turn out of friends, family and community members.

This was no easy task to complete.  The Patriot Guard, along with the Algonquin Lake in the Hills Fire Department and Police Department, the Algonquin Commons management, the Algonquin Village and  School District 300 all worked together to provide a warm welcome to one of our own.   Cheeseburger in Paradise had goodies for the attendees.  It was really something to witness people be so generous with their time on a busy weekend.

One of my favorite moments is when Rich met his PE teacher, Kory Belin, from grade school.  His face just lit up.  Kory has been a PE teacher to tens of thousands of students.  Everyone loves Kory.  It’s those moments in time that make you grateful for those whom are in your lives and you don’t realize the affect they have on you. 

In the service to his county the Captain has committed to serve and protect.  As I write this all my little neighbors are running and laughing playing freely without ANY worries.  They’ll never know Rich and the sacrifices he’s endured for them.  So many people were shouting thank you for what you’ve done.  I am so grateful for his service.  I really enjoy seeing the man he’s become.

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