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Product Review: Better Homes and Gardens Diabetic Recipes

Before I go into discussing the magazine of diabetic recipes, let me just say that this magazine is really for everyone.   The recipes are VERY good they’re just designed to be lower in carbohydrates and balanced with a lot of flavor.

Carbohydrates are a diabetic’s worst enemy.  The old myth that “it’s sweets that cause high blood sugar” has been replaced with, “it’s carbohydrates that cause high blood sugar”.  So it amazes me when cookbooks have sweets on the front cover of diabetic cookbook when research tells you that sweets are only a part of the challenge to control carbohydrates.

What made me pick up this magazine is the information at the bottom – “We count the carbs for you!”  Yes the cover did have shiny bling to it, I really like the photography, but I know the carbs in the crust of the tart are not worth trading at a meal.  My carb count per meal is 40.  Therefore I keep a very accurate count of what I’m eating. 

The other attractive element is a photo of every recipe – YES!  I don’t have to use my imagination, thank you.  The authors of this magazine did a great job with writing the recipes.  On page 5 they provide a recipe guide that is very informational.  The recipes are designed to CUT THE CARBS while providing you with the carb count per serving.  Nice!

 The food stylist did an amazing job on all the pictures.  A few of us are visual learners making every attempt to make it look just like the picture.  Photographs offer the potential of a good meal.

The magazine also offers tips on “how to” something; example hot to cut fennel, prepare an avocado, peeling a mango, preparing ginger or rinsing pasta.  A seasoned cook may skip over the information but for a person preparing the meal who wants to know the “why we do this”, I find this feature an attractive offering to readers.

A registered dietician helps provide tips from their Test Kitchen for such things as a sandwich by alternating items to lower the fat and carbs.  Per the editor, together with the chefs they take a recipe and try it with different items to get the best flavor while staying true to lower calories, carbs, etc.

I’ve made a few of the dishes such as the Greek Feta Burgers – FABULOUS, just saying.  Last evening I made the layered salad (page 77) but used simple balsamic vinaigrette and no spinach – hubby is not a fan of Popeye vegetables.  Their Lemon Slaw (page 91) is to die for – I’ve made that a few times without the cilantro.

Like with every recipe you have to read it all the way through.  The one and only thing that I do not like is that they include other recipes within the “recipe”.  I like to be prepared without surprises. 

The authors have left the carb counting up to you for your entire meal.  Like I said before, if you’re limited to the number of carbs per meal then you are making choices.  Do I eat a healthy carb (brown rice, fruits, baked potato) or do I go for desert which is much higher in carb count and quickly adds up.

I will definitely be making a lot more recipes out of this magazine. 

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Better Homes and Gardens Diabetic Recipes

    1. Hey Tink, My daughter is your age. Gald you like the recipes. They have the recipes online also. I like the magazine because I don’t have to run to my computer to look it up. They’re really simple and don’t cost that much to do. It’s nice to receive info from across the pond. I live in Algonquin, Illinois – the middle of the United States near Chicago. Hope you visit the states especially Chicago. I can’t wait to someday visit England. I need to visit Peggy Porchen (sp) bakery. SHE’s amazing!
      Have a great day.


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