Miss Mary

Another Miss Mary

I saw these fabrics a few weeks back at Quilt in Joy  and had to have them.  The floral is really beautiful.  The brown just really compliments the floral and the grey seems to be the new color everyone wants to use.

It took some time to go against the signature outside pocket therefore I added a second pocket inside to offset the sad front.  The cardinal rule I have is that there should be an outside pocket – not on this fabric, it’s way too pretty.  I did stylize this a bit by adding a 3/4″ trim where the top joins the bottom.  I took more time and quilted the bottom.

The grey is really striking with this particular floral.  You’ll see lots of greys this year.  I mean LOTs.  I saw a grey and yellow print that was just was screaming for me to take it home.  Will power came in handy.

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