Miss Mary

End of Summer is Here

End of Summer is here

It’s the end of August and we’re moving into September next week.  The signs are all out there that summer is almost over with the onset of bees, PeeGee Hydrangeas in bloom, Rose of Sharon blooming, False Dragonhead starting to bloom, Clematis paniculata starting to bud, naturalized phlox in full bloom and Hostas in bloom.  The garden centers have added mums to their plant selections and moved everything out.  Children are back in school.  

There’s sweetness to summer, the smell of cut grass, the sun on your face, the celebrations, kids running up and down the sidewalks with a casualness that can only be summer.  The other day two of the little girls ages 5 (Lily) and 4 (Shaylan) were walking with the big kids holding hands.  WISH I HAD MY CAMERA!  They had found a frog and the group of them were headed to working the lemonade stand. 

I love fall, but will miss this summer a lot.

LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE.  It really makes a difference.

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