Miss Mary

What’s on YOUR Playlist

There is a wonderful organization in the fitness world called Les Mills International dedicated to helping people be their best physically.  My interest is the BODYPUMP choreographed class that uses weights for about an hour using a PLAYLIST to keep you moving.  A few friends take the class over at the Centegra Health Bridge facility and they look fantastic.  I MEAN FANTASTIC.

I don’t belong to the gym therefore can’t take the class.  I’ve gone online and reviewed the Les Mills exercises on how to perform each body group and visited YOU Tube sites that actually show a past program.  Each quarter, or more, a new choreographed routine comes out.  They’re tactically perfect for targeting ALL your muscle groups.    

I’ve put my “own” routine together and work on it three times a week at Fitness 19.   My gym has all the required equipment plus more when I need to use a machine just to vary the routine.  Using the BODYPUMP playlists MOTIVATES you to do more repetitions to get the maximum effect you need to produce lean muscle. 

The beauty of the class, I’m sure, is the camaraderie of the others in the class and an instructor who yells out what to do next.  What I do, you have to be motivated to do it on your own, be prepared to change up on your own and know where your next exercise will take place. 

The best part of their system is the playlist and how they pair them up with the exercises.   The latest one includes such songs as Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer for biceps, Lady Gaga’s Born this Way for triceps and 30 Seconds to Mars: Closer to the Edge for your back.  I follow one of their instructors Glen Stolley on Facebook who early on helps those who follow the programs with information.  I love the Australian accents of the core instructors.

The diversity of the music the Mills organization puts together helps in putting a cardio playlist together too.  I purchase the music from itunes and create the playlists prior to going to the gym.  So many times I see people fiddling with their ipods in the middle of their cardio looking for a tune to help them go through their routine and I’m thinking you have X time to be effective and you’re diddling with your dial dude!  (I’m a type A.)

There are a few things that help you be successful when exercising. 

  1. A GREAT playlist to motivate you to do more and finish. 
  2. Your will power. 
  3. HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE – SMILE when you’re done.  You just kicked butt!
  4. Look in the review mirror and see how far you’ve come.  The 20 minute cardio has now turned into 45 minutes and you’re burning 500 calories instead of 300.

Add your own here.  Like Glen has on his FB page:  When your body SCREAMS tell it to SHUT UP


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