What’s for Dinner Feta Burgers with Cucumber Sauce

What’s for Dinner – Feta Burgers with Cucumber Sauce.

I pick up recipes from all over the place because good food that’s light is a passion of mine.   Being a Type 2 Diabetic it also is helpful to find those recipes that aide in staying on target for keeping your blood sugars down which translates to low carbohydrates.

The Meredith Corporation, the publishing giant who brings you the likes of Better Homes and Gardens, is now publishing Diabetic Living concentrating on diabetic recipes in a magazine format.  I used three of the recipes for this evening.  The best part of this entire dinner is I consumed 18 grams of carbohydrates including the bun.  I know, GETOUT!

The first recipe is Greek Feta Burgers.  I have an issue with the name in that there isn’t any oregano in the recipe, therefore, why call it Greek?  We did not use spinach or the red onion on the burger.  The Cucumber Sauce recipe is listed in the Burger recipe and I left out the mint.  NOT a fan of mint in food. The last recipe was the Lemon Slaw, that’s right not Lemon-Cilantro Slaw.  Cilantro and I are not BFFs.  I did not use the sugar in the recipe and I sliced my own Napa Cabbage and carrots instead of using prepackaged stuff.  I have switched over to Maille Dijon mustard because it emulsifies better than the other brands which this recipe calls for a Dijon mustard.  

I use Healthy Life whole wheat buns that only have 80 calories per bun.  They taste great and we use them for a lot of our dinners. 

Overall the burger was fabulous.  REALLY Good!  The slaw was very good as well.  The lemon gives your salad such a fresh taste.  As long as recipes can trick us into thinking we’re eating WONDERFUL food, we have to keep working at it.

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