Good Deed, Go with Intuition Next Time

I always admire large corporations when they take on helping others. Williams Sonoma is no different.

It happens to be one of my favorite kitchen stores.   If I had the perfect kitchen it would all come from Bill.

They have partnered with a few companies to give back 25% of their earnings on the sale of a few items.  One is an Oatmeal Cookie Mix.  I purchased at today and made it this afternoon.

I should have gone with my intuition but I did not.  The instructions say to use two shelves in your oven.  In my oven anything on that bottom shelf burns.  Anything!  I should have just used the middle rack only.

One set of cookies that were baked on the top rack did well the one on the bottom not so much. And this was after I switched them around like the instructions said to do.

Is it a good cookie?  Yes.  You just add butter and one egg.  Roll the dough into two inch balls – yes, two inches, and off into the oven they go for 18 minutes.

 So to all the mommies in my neighborhood that have hungry little people, send them on over and hope they don’t mind a burnt one.


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