Miss Mary

What can a playlist do for you during cardio training?

What can a playlist do for you when doing cardio training?  GET YOU OVER THOSE BORING HALF WAY MARKS. 

I had a terrible time when I first started doing elliptical cardio without a playlist.  I could not concentrate on the job at hand as they had Fox News or some other station on that couldn’t keep me focused on my goals of increased calorie loss and building endurance.  I don’t expect Fitness 19 to change the channel for me.

I didn’t have an IPOD or any other instrument that could help me except that my daughter now no longer used hers because she has all her music on her IPHONE.  She wiped the IPOD clean and charged it for me.  I started searching for playlists that would inspire.  I don’t listen to music that much so I needed direction.

The Les Mills organization has a program called BODYPUMP as well as many others.  Their playlists are helpful for weight lifting and I cherry pick some of them for cardio, not all.  I learned how to use the ITUNE store and how to download and upload to devices (IPOD/IPAD).  I understand the next release will probably have Lady Gaga’s Born this Way.  I have to think about whether that would be a keeper or not in cardio.

Interestingly the songs that make you push forward are those having to do with breakups or challenges.  There’s an angry tone to them but the music MOTIVATES you to climb past that next Kilimanjaro. 

I have 44 minutes on my cardio playlist.  Just recently I had to replace the one at 20 minute mark as it wasn’t helping me get over that awful hump.  I switched it up with Kid Rock, Rock ‘n Roll Jesus.  That’ll save your soul and get you up and over your boredom wall.

So six weeks ago I started at 20 minutes and 250 calories.  I am currently at 45 minutes, 530 calories, 2.5 to 3 miles, level 6.  This last time no pauses.  Keep going forward – be unstoppable – your will is your only competitor.  On these warm days it is a challenge to be that focused, but I have to try because the end goal is no more meds.

So what’s on your playlist?  Let me know and I’ll check it out.


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