Virtual Garden Tours

HRH Prince of Wales Highgrove

Gardeners LOVE their gardens.  They create a style that captures a little part of the “wanting” brain to secretly desire a further look.  That fairy charm of the welcoming entrance is overtly enticing.  Once given entrance of a true gardener’s canvas one is never disappointed but succumbs to nature’s enchantment. 

Sharing a garden is the ultimate desire of those whom love the peacefulness of their passion.  It isn’t about what they’ve done, but the beauty and sense of peacefulness it bestows upon the onlooker. 

Garden walks provide a chance to peek into the coveted homesteads of such gardens.  While not physically present a Virtual Garden Tour can inspire you to mix flora with fauna.   Inspiration is a mind spark awakening your creativity.  I hope you find inspiration in these Virtual Garden Tours. 

I will be visiting local gardens, chatting with the owners and providing you with a peek at their passion.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.  We won’t be visiting Highgrove.  Although, I would dearly love to spend the day there chatting with Prince Charles regarding his sustainable designs.  BUT, we will visit Thomas Jefferson’s gardens. 

Mondays will be our tour days.  If you know of a garden that you would like to visit, please let me know. 

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