Growing Lupines

Unless you purchase the plant from a nursery or a garden center Lupines are difficult to get started from seed.  The outer shell is very hard.  What’s best is alowing your plant to go to seed and let the seeds winter over.  The freezing and warmth will cause cracking in the shell – or so I am told.

I didn’t want to wait and wanted MORE Lupines next year.  So I picked up a package at my favorite garden supply – Pasquesi – and went to work trying to pry the little guys open.  This process is called “scarification” of the seed.  It advances germination.  I soaked the seeds in water for 24 hours.  Low and behold, you might even be able to see some the the shells opening!

It’s been raining like crazy here and what better time than now to plant when they get plenty of rain and heat.  I planted them in the same area as the one Lupine plant that I have.  Plus, all the seed pods have fallen there for next year too.

Wish me luck on this adventure.  They may show up between 14 and 25 days.  That’s a long time.

Gardeners are patient.

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