Miss Mary

Product Review: 3 in 1 Egg Slicer

I’ve gone the route of inexpensive and have been underwhelmed every single time.  After the last egg slicer fell apart my quest was to find a slicer that would last.   Not only last, but when I used it I didn’t want to say to myself, “What was I thinking?”.

I headed off to my favorite kitchen supply store, William Sonoma, and there it was – a three stage slicer.    I was getting more than I really needed.

I’ve had this slicer for four years with no signs of breaking.  It’s heavy.  It washes easily or you can put it in the dish washer.   A few of the reviews are less than complimentary on the cleaning of the slicer, but I find no fault in cleaing it.  You can slice, wedge or use both to create standard egg salad pieces.

It’s only $16 and has lasted FAR LONGER than any other slicer I have ever used in my kitchen.  It would make a great little shower gift if you were putting a kitchen basket of goodies together.

I know, a little boring on the product review, BUT you’ve been in my shoes when you’ve had it with an egg slicer.

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