Gardening · Miss Mary

Before and After….

Today was the day to fix the sidewalk gardens after the new cement had been poured.  The sidewalk rose a few inches and expanded a few inches.  Perennials had to be removed to provide more breathing room for other perennials.  It also needed to be a little de-cluttered to provide a better visual relief.

The weather had not been cooperating to do this after the work was done.  Today it was really pleasant.  That didn’t mean I didn’t work up a cardio sweat – you better believe I did.

My tools for the day were my hand hoe and my leather gloves.  (Really worn wouldn’t you say.)  I go through a pair every two years.  They are expensive, around $15 but they save my hands every time I use them.   They breathe – I love that.

The challenge was to raise the soil level, provide more nutrients so that the lime that will leach into the soil can be counteracted by nutrients, and save the plants.  Remember double digging?  I didn’t quite go that far but with the hand axe I did fluff the soil up a bit before incorporating the Miracle Grow soil.  There was a lot of left over mulch that I just brought over to fill in the bare spots.

Hostas were removed to make room for the sidewalk.  I have a very dense shaded area in the back where they will survive.  I added peat moss to the soil.

It looks much better.  Fairies are allowed back in.

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