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Garden Art

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Garden Art

I’ve seen a few gardens where I’m just enamored with the pieces of garden art that the gardener has picked out.  I’ve been in others where I want to anonymously place a sticky note on the object for Goodwill to come pick it up.   Just like any art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Mine too.  I place fairy garden types of things around the garden so the children in the neighborhood can visit, looking for the garden fairies.  I planted the CUBS C (not doing well at all due to bunnies) for the boys down the street.  It’s really what makes you smile.  Children love whimsy that tells a story.  Their eyes get SO BIG, especially when they’re four year olds.

Sometimes, people give you gifts.  For example, my in-laws gave us a mesh table that is similar to a round coffee table.  We spray painted it lavender and put it in the purple garden.   They also gave us a little squirrel seating display that sits on there.  This faces the five year-olds home where she can watch to see if squirrels really do come and sit. 

Art also adds interest to one’s garden.  Trellis, tutuers, bird baths, bird feeders, bird houses, rocks, pots, chairs, teacups, trains…the list goes on and on. 

A few years ago my sister found a clay drain tile and a bowling ball.  She and my children painted the tile with flowers and signage welcoming people to the garden walk.  She placed a bowling ball on top of it and viewers thought it was a play on gazing balls.  Not really.  My sister uses bowling balls in her garden as a barrier to hold in the dirt.  SO CLEVER my sister.

I have huge garden lust of those that have TRAIN gardens.   Plus there are a few pieces that I would really have fun with and you could find them here.  There’s a tremendous amount of IRONY there.    My heart be still!

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