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Captain America Cookies for a little super hero.

The other day I saw on one of my cookie websites how to make the Captain America shield.   It was such a great idea to make it for the soon-to-be nine-year old that lives down the street I thought I’d try it.

I used my sugar cookie recipe and made two batches.  One batch I made red and the other batch half of it I made blue and left the remainder white.    It took almost all afternoon to create the dough.  The next morning it was going to be a scorcher so I started baking them around 7:30am just to get it done and over.

It was so easy to slice and bake.  They still required the star.   I stopped at Joann’s Fabric and picked up a tiny star fondant cutter along with fondant.  I really cheated and used store bought icing to glue the fondant onto the cookie.  They turned out great with ONE big exception; they fall apart when you eat them.  Not so good.

The little nine-year old appreciated them.  They really did look cleaver.  I may not do these again.

Typically with a huge movie like this coming out there’s all sorts of merchandising.  NOPE!  I couldn’t find any Captain America anyting for this little guy for his birthday.  So a gift car to Target so he could pick out what ever he liked seemed to be the better thing.

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