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How many can you have?

Loosestrife – lovely as it can be it will create a fistful of invasive challenges for any gardener.

I have three types of Loosestrife in my gardens: 

Lythrum which is the hybrid type that IS NOT invasive.  It is very difficult to find.  The variety is “Morden’s Gleam” a bright carmine color that grows 3 to 4 feet.  It has a pretty habit that does not waste away after blooming.  The show is for weeks and is very pretty.

Lysimachia: Clethroides (gooseneck loosestrife) which has white flower spikes curved similar to a goose’s neck in mid to late summer.  The habit grows to 3 feet tall.  VERY INVASIVE.  You have to really corral this beast.  I’ve created a flying V in my garden and cut out all that go past the V.  I use it as a mass planting covering 10 feet wide by 10 feet in depth. 

Punctata has small yellow flowers arranged in tiers around the stem.  Blooms in early summer.  Dies away in the summer heat.  You have to cut it back to about 3 inches just to it doesn’t look so bad in your garden.  The show is lovely.  VERY INVASIVE also.  Good for corners or back of the border plantings and the habit grows to about 3 feet in height.  I initially saw this in a garden magazine and had to have it.  The article never said anything about invasiveness.  I give you the straight scoop so you can be prepared.

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