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Bigs and Littles


Bigs and Littles

I needed a purse badly as my Vera Bradley was in dire repair mode.  (sigh)  Hubby liked the colors of the “Spectator” and thought that would be good in a smaller version – go figure.  Again the math and pattern designs.  Two hours later at the cutting table and sewing machine, Voila – mini-Spectator.  I have an idea for an even smaller version which would be the size of the outside pocket with a zipper.

How did I come up the Bigs and Littles title?  Years ago when my son was a Cub Scout, they had to do an overnight in the river park with their dads.  (Thank heavens!)  His friend had a pop up camper that slept four comfortably.  Upon entering the pop up the friend commented on the sleeping arrangements, “Bigs with Bigs, Littles with Littles”.  The dads straightened the boys out indicating those arrangements will not work.

Son and hubby came home telling the story and I just laughed for days.  The boys are now both 24.  One is an engineer for British Petrolium, and mine has one more year of law school.  Scouting starts them out right. 

Whenever I use the comparison of bigs and littles I’m always reminded of Cub Scout days.

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