Miss Mary

Lend a Hand

When I volunteered in the east side schools, or the Title I schools, you couldn’t believe the level of need for the students.  Teachers were using their own salaries to help supplement school supplies in the classroom.   The needs are much larger than you can imagine all across the school district, especially when midyear comes along and there aren’t those of us to STUFF THE BUS.  When the pencils wear out, the crayons no longer color or the paper is all used up, as a student you cannot participate at full capacity in the classroom along with others.  Education requires educational materials. 

Children are the casualties of poverty.   They cannot help their circumstances. 

Today my family helped STUFF THE BUS for District 300 because I know firsthand what children do not have and the burdened place on others to help children achieve an education.  We sponsored two students so that they could begin with a good start to the school year. 

The cost was $23.00 per student because I added a few more things like a pencil box and erasers.   You can blow $23 just on breakfast for two of you. 

According to Kristin Courriveau , the new Assistant for Teaching and Learning:  Elementary and Pre-K, they’re still in need of more back packs.  Can you help?  Can you on your way home from church, or from Lifetime Fitness swimming pool, or from Sunday shopping, drop in to Walmart or Target and pick up a gender neutral backpack so that a youngster can have a good start to their school year.  You have no idea how much that helps a child’s capacity to learn.  You’ll be blessed in so many ways by helping those who need it the most.  They cost $9.00 at Walmart and I’m sure Target has a good deal too. 

If you choose to do so I’m sure you can drop it off at the Administration Office for D300 at 300 Cleveland Avenue in Carpentersville and the lovely receptionist will gladly help it get into the hands of children who need them. 

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