Product Review: The best ever Grilling Book

The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques by Steven Raichlen.


Why do I like it?  I’m a visual person and it has pictures of everything he does.  He goes into detail in every step with pictures and recipes.  Take for instance, Jamaican Jerk Pork.   There’s five illustrated pages devoted to the recipe.

He discusses how to tie up a roast with bacon.  You know anything with BACON is worth eating, right?  Such things as Pulled Pork, how to brine and grill pork chops, how to indirect grill baby back ribs, plus he adds all his rub recipes.  They make a lot of rub. 

Recipes include Beef and Veal, Pork and Sausages, Lamb, Chicken, Fish, Shellfish, Vegetables, Desserts, Rubs, Sauces and Condiments.  He’ll show you how to get started.  He does like the old charcoal grills but he also discusses propane grills.  He gives you a litany of tools you’ll need.  Answers to ALL your questions regarding grilling are IN THIS BOOK.

To pick up your book Amazon has it for a GREAT deal.


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