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Love this Fabric

Meet the Miss Mary “Spectator”.  Don’t you LOVE the fancy heals on the fabric?  When I first saw this fabric I said I’d come back and pick some up.  Well, it was all gone by the time I got around to it.  The nice ladies at Quilt and Joy ordered more.  When it came in I took two yards.  It’s expensive fabric, $10/yard.  The fabric is called Red High Heels by Studio E Fabrics.

I didn’t want to use it all on one bag but wanted to highlight it.  That meant I needed to create a different design for my totes.  Kids always want to know, “what do they need math for?” – this is one of those times.  Get out your fourth grade mathematics books on fractions and logic.

I redesigned the top section to be in 3 pieces for front and back, added the longer handles and redesigned the outside pocket to be sewn under the handles.   The outside pocket is also sewn differently.  I added a lot more pockets inside too.  It’s still a tote that hauls a lot of stuff.

My friend Lynne came by to help me pick fabrics for the tote and other projects. I have a lot of styles and colors of fabrics.  Lynne’s intuitive expertise is bringing design colors together. Choosing fabric colors is my weakest link.  Some people just have that gift “gene” of color.  It skipped me.

I’ve started writing the pattern directions down and am trying to figure out how to get the drawings into an easier format so it could be pdf’d.  I’ll figure it out.  Mom never thought her never ending phrase, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, would ever apply to this.

I’ll be making one of these for the Frock Swap 2011 a charity event for the Community Crisis Center of Elgin.  I love the ladies, Janelle Walker and Ruth Munson, that work that project as it is so unique and fun.  It’s on July 16th at Hemmens.  Please don’t miss your opportunity to buy a raffle ticket on this gorgeous TOTE. 

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