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Product Review – Garden Hand Hoe


A year ago we had a swat team of landscapers come through the yard to do spring cleaning.  We rarely ever do that but because I have so much to do it’s a huge blessing to have a clean slate to work from.   I had a stroke last year putting me on the sidelines for some time.  I so appreciated our decision to bring in help.

With curious interest I watched how they could get done what they do in such short time.  Part of that answer is, they’re half my age but I’ll skip that.  One of their secrets is a heavy duty Garden Hand Hoe.  They cut through the fall debris in no time. 

After they were gone I headed over to Home Depot to find me one of those bad boys.  They had several different kinds, but I wanted EXACTLY what they had which was a wooden handled hoe/tine hammer tool.  I found it! 

Since then I can go through an area, like the picture below on the left, and rid that area of weeds, turn the dirt over to aerate and add peat moss in a few short hours.  Gardening gives you that instant sense of accomplishment which is like an endomorphin – the happiness cocktail of hard work.  There is a price to beauty.

It is all about the right tool for the right job.  Gardening is hard work but the rewards are numerous.  Seek out and invest in those things that will help you accomplish your vision.  Learn from others.  Then have a cold iced tea.

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