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New Bike

Raleigh Venture 3.0

This summer the hubs and I have ventured out to do more bike riding.  I’ve complained about my bike because it just is not comfortable.   I’m not able to get a full extension on my legs causing a lot of knee pain. 

On Sunday we took our first ever bike ride on the McHenry / Kane Bike Trail.  It was beautiful.  Dappled shade with straight – no hills biking.  Our goal was to get to the Main Street Bike Shop in Carpentersville from our home.  We made it there just fine.  Sal’s bike needed a water bottle holder plus I had questions regarding my bike.  How timely we should be at a bike shop, oh my.

Nick, the young man working there, came out and checked out the bike I rode to the shop.  After demonstrating my riding abilities he suggested it might be too small.  He brought out the Raleigh Venture 3.0 – OMG it was like riding a Cadillac.  It still wasn’t tall enough and he brought out the next size up.  Perfect.   Sold.

We rode home, showered and drove back to get it.  The front wheel comes off to load into the car else it doesn’t fit well into the Prius.  When we got home we put the wheel back on and the breaks held on to the front tire.   So it’s back to the shop today for them to show me how to put it back together properly.  Into the suggestion box at Raleigh, video “how to’s” on your website.

I’m patient because it’s SUCH a lovely ride.  PLUS, I can find a cute little basket for the front or make one. 

3 thoughts on “New Bike

  1. I have often wondered if the bikes I’m riding are too small. I just tend to look at the price tag and grab the lowest one. Oh, that’s sad, since I’ve spent the past 12 years in Asia traveling only by bicycle and not driving anything with a motor. In September, when I return to North Carolina, I’m getting the right size of bicycle.


  2. Congrats on that awesome new bike of yours, I have the same problem you did. Time for a new bike for me! Oh, and the pasta is pronounced Pa- ker-ee. Stay cool we’re going to have hot days next week!


    1. Thank you Marie. Yes, I dread this weather. Your last post looks awesome. I love the idea of the caprese salad in them. We’re a little off carbs in the house but that would make a wonderful presentation for a fancy dinner.


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