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Happy 4th of July :D

It’s the 4th of July!  Sharing a few pictures from the last few days.

It’s pretty easy to show your patriotism just by even flying a little flag.  I used petunias to make my flag by the mail box.  I had so many red, white and blue petunias left over from the CUBS C that I had to use them somewhere.    I’m sure the postal carrier appreciates the fact that the flowers aren’t hovering over the mail box.  I did cheat a little.  I did feed the petunias and covered them with red pepper flakes to keep the bunnies at bay. 

The cake I made was from Ina Garten, my imaginary BFF, and she calls it Flag Cake.  Really, it’s a sponge cake that is out of this world.  I did change the sour cream to LIGHT sour cream, FYI.  Thank you again Ina.  We have to have coffee in your kitchen next week, ok?

One cardinal rule when you’re making a recipe, read ALL the directions and the LITTLE STUFF such as when it says prepare the sheet pan, check the dimensions.  I read sheet pan, used mine BUT the most important component there was the depth.  It needed to be 1 ½ inches, not a jelly roll sheet cake size.  So I was on guard for the entire 25 minutes waiting for a disaster in the oven.  I really caught a break while it slightly curved around the edges of the pan. Also, it was the very first time I’ve used parchment paper to line the pan.  Mmm, not really a fan but I have to give it another shot.

My little neighbor next door came by while I was making the cake.   I told her it was going to be the flag.  She asked if it could be a “bunny” instead.  I politely explained to her it was America’s birthday.  When I presented it to all the children, “Who’s birthday is it?”, was their cry.  Cake is synonymous with birthday in their minds.  During the games one of the little girls came by and asked if I had made cookies.  Sadly no because it had really been warm those few days.  Her face was so disappointed.  We’ll have to have a cookie day where she comes and helps.

I do not have cake decorating tools but saw this tutorial on how to fill a pastry bag.  I learned a while back that you can use a plastic ziploc with a tip and get the same affects.  So I combined the two to create the frosting white stripes.   A fabulous Canadian baker at Sweetopia, Marian, has a tutorial that will help you.  My mother always, always said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  She has been right on that one my whole life.

Have a Happy 4th of July!

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